Snarvei til hovedinnholdet

Touchdown at Notodden after “go-around”

Zainab Irshad Javed has always dreamt of experiencing the world from above. Now she can see her dream in the distance.

A dream in the distance

Quite a few of us have probably dreamt that we could fly. For Zainab her dream started with her fathers stories about his travels.

– When I was younger my dad used to tell me how he travelled from Pakistan to Norway to visit us. He told about the feeling of being up in the air, to see the amazing view and to experience the world.

Zainab was still not sure on what she wanted to become, but it did not take long from she heard of Pilot Flight Academy until she was ready to pursue her pilot career.

– I was at a time in my life where I was unsure whether my choice of studies was what I wanted to do. By chance a friend of mine had registered us for a School Presentation about Pilot Flight Academy. We went there out of curiosity, but when I heard about Pilot Flight Academy I ended up changing my study program to becoming a pilot.


Her parents supported the choice of her new direction, something that meant a lot to Zainab.

– They supported me in giving it a chance, to have the opportunity to change my life, Zainab explains.

Zainab is really happy with her choice, and so far the pilot program has met all her expectations:

– Pilot Flight Academy has an excellent offer for people wanting to become pilots. The Academy has great instructors that motivates and challenges the student. As we penetrate deeper into the different subjects it becomes more understandable and thus more fun to read and learn. Your thinking becomes different, the student pilot says.

Zainab started her pilot program at Notodden in august 2019, and she is clear on why she wanted to start at Notodden;

– The school is completely new and modern. Everything we need when it comes to shops and grocery stores are close by. In addition our class is quite small, which means our instructor can spend more time following up each one of us, Zainab points out.

Student pilot in class room. Photo.

Student life at Notodden

The students at Notodden have a few routines that helps build good atmosphere among the students.

– Our class have dinner together once a week, where we all eat and talk, and then we often watch TV-series together. In addition to grocery stores being close by, as mentioned earlier, we also have a gym close to campus where several of us work out together, Zainab explains.

There is no doubt the learning environment at Notodden is good. The students are ambitious and know what it takes to become a good pilot.

– Practice makes perfect, smiles Zainab, and says that repetition is a good way for her to learn.

– To read the same thing more than once is really useful. Go through questions, explain the syllabus to yourself, discuss with your fellow students, and ask the instructors. After class it is really useful to sit down with your class mates to go through todays curriculum, the happy student explains.

The pilot program is a tough program to complete, so in addition to working hard with all the subjects, Zainab also feel breaks are important.

– Study breaks are important to absorb everything you read and all the things the instructors teach you.

She also have one advice to follow;

– Make time to prepare good dinners in the weekends!

Zainab finds motivation in the fact that when educated she will experience the world, exactly as her father told her about many years ago. She dreams of having her own story of success to tell;

– My goal is to get a job as a pilot in an airline, she concludes.


Do you want to have the front seat when experiencing the world?

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