Snarvei til hovedinnholdet


The integrated pilot programme at PFA takes just two years to complete and the newly qualified pilots will have all the certificates they need to start a career within an airline. The programme requires motivation and dedication, and students are challenged both on their efforts and attitudes from the first day of school to prepare them for a career as a pilot.

Course plan

At the very first day of the pilot programme you will receive a uniform and an iPad which contains the total syllabus. The programme starts off with 8 months of theoretical education in ATPL (A). Then the students will have about 230 flight-and simulator hours before they must pass a skill test conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority. The students will then receive an international pilot certificate (EASA CPL (A) IR ME with frozen ATPL (A)) and are ready to start their career as airline pilots.


During the pilot programme, students will be educated in 12 subjects and sit through 14 exams. It is 750 hours in the classroom with 6 hours of teaching each day. All teaching is conducted in English.

Flight training

Students start flight training in a single-engine Diamond DA40NG, before they advance to a multi-engine Diamond DA42NG-simulator and DA42NG-aircraft. In the last semester, students learn how to operate bigger aircraft in the APS MCC-course (35 hours) in the school’s advanced Boeing 737 simulator.

UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) is included as a mandatory part of the pilot training from 2020.

USA Exchange programme

PFA has partnered with a well-established flight academy in Denton, Texas, called US Aviation Academy to provide the first phases of the flight programme.
The big advantage of training in the USA is capacity and weather, allowing regular and continuous flight training which is important in the basic phase of flight training.
The operation in the USA will be under PFA’s ATO (Approvals), standard operating procedures and training standards.

Course starts


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