People travel more than ever, and there is a growing demand for pilots. Graduating from Pilot Flight Academy you will have all certificates necessary to apply as a first officer in airlines.

The demand for pilots will increase in the following years. Airline traffic increases every month, and the large airline companies are continuously launching new routes. This, together with retirements due to old age among pilots, will create a large demand for new pilots during the coming years, world wide. Prognosis from Boeing and Airbus state that the world wide demand for new pilots will exceed 550 000 within year 2035, and we have already started to see a pilot shortage all over the world, with flights being cancelled.

Now is the time to start your pilot education!

As a newly educated pilot you start your career as a first officer. In the course of your career you can fly several aircraft types, with the whole world as your work environment. As you acquire more experience, it is natural to progress to the captain’s seat, with the responsibility to lead the crew and plan and carry out flights securely and comfortably for everyone on board.
The integrated pilot education at Pilot Flight Academy is recommended by airlines like SAS and Norwegian, and former students are working in these companies, as well as a lot of other airlines in Scandinavia, Europe and worldwide. The competency-based and focused pilot education at Pilot Flight Academy provides the best possible preparations for our students, when applying to airlines.


Pilot Flight Academy offers a sponsored flight instructor program, followed by an attractive career path in our academy. After having completed your pilot education, you start your instructor education and training here at Pilot Flight Academy, and enter a firm position as flight instructor in our professional staff.

Pilot Flight Academy offers the best salaries within pilot education, along with an attractive career of personal and professional development. We are expanding, and will have various opportunities.

Starting as a flight instructor at Pilot Flight Academy can also be a perfect start, when aiming for a job with your favourite airline, providing the experience and training which makes you attractive within the growing aviation business.