Pilot from day one

Do you dream of flying? Do you want an exciting and international career? With Pilot Flight Academy the dream is just two years away!

At Pilot Flight Academy you become a pilot in only two exciting years. But you'll feel like a pilot from day one because of several reasons:
You are taught by professional instructors in modern facilities, new aircraft and technologically advanced simulators. Pilot uniform is mandatory from the first week, and on campus you will meet Norwegian and international students in an ambitious and social environment.

The airlines are hiring cadets directly from school. Our graduate students are eligible to start working as first officers for any airline, to, fly to all countries and continents in the world, and to become airline captains
World wide air traffic is growing very fast, and so is the demand for new pilots. Boeing estimates a demand for more than 600 000 new pilots over the next 20 years, and there is now a global surge for qualified pilots with international licenses. Start your career at Pilot Flight Academy!


09. November

Open Friday
Pilot Flight Academy, Hangarveien 11, Sandefjord
13:00 - 14:00

The airline ready training

At Pilot Flight Academy you complete your pilot studies with all certificates necessary for applying with the airlines.

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Your proudest moment!

Life is full of little breakthroughs, which make you proud.

Your first solo flight is a memorable experience, and Pilot Flight Academy celebrates it with you.

Before you get the clearence for your first solo, you need to pass the theory check, and prove that you master the aircraft on your own. When you get the thumb up, you are on. You must take charge of all preparations and check lists, communicate with the tower through your flight radio, and do your first take-off all by yourself. Cruising over the school and our runway, free as a bird, you will also carry out your first solo landing.

An experience you will never forget. Every pilot remembers his or hers first solo flight.