Snarvei til hovedinnholdet


PFA are opening a new training site in Denton, Texas in partnership with US Aviation Academy.
The operation in Denton will be a fully integrated part of our EASA approval from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authorities and the Norwegian LĂ„nekassen for student funding.
All ground school teaching and theoretical exams will be conducted in Norway and must be completed before the students can start flight training in Denton.

Texas has very stable weather conditions that are perfect for the first phases of the flight training program. This gives the students the great advantage of very good training progression with completion of just over 90 flight hours in three months.
Students who choose to go to the USA will also gain from the experience of flying different aircraft types as well as operating in different environments in the USA and Norway.
Additionally, the students who go to the USA will also be given the option to achieve an American Private Pilot License (FAA-PPL(A)) as a part of their program.

All students at PFA will be given the option to choose to commence the first part of their flight training program at our base in Denton. Please be aware that students are required to obtain a USA student visa to be able to choose the USA flight program pathway. We assist our students with the USA visa process.
During the first semester, while conducting the ground school in the classroom, the students will receive more information about the USA program, and will then also be given the option to choose to take the first part of the flight training program in Norway or in the USA.

Students will have to cover their own travel expenses to and from Denton.
Students who do not meet the maximum weight limitation of around 90 kilos for the Cessna 152, will have to fly the Cessna 172, and cover the price difference of around NOK 25 000. All students will be given the option to upgrade to the Cessna 172 if they choose.

Student accommodation in Denton

In Denton, the students are living in stylish apartments, only a few kilometres from the academy. There are scheduled shuttle buses going between the apartments and the US Aviation Academy. Two students are normally set to share an apartment of around 90 square meters with separate bedrooms and separate bathrooms.
There are also a swimming pool, gym, BBQ area and plenty of green areas at the accommodation area whilst conveniently located near shopping and entertainment areas.