Snarvei til hovedinnholdet



From the 30th of April 2022 we are increasing the price of our pilot programme to NOK 1 050 000.

The total price for our pilot programme is NOK 1 050 000, of which you pay NOK 30 000 upon admission. The remaining sum is split into four equal payments of NOK 255 000 each, to be paid in advance before each semester. Expenses for the Civil Aviation Authorities and exams are not included in the price for the course. These costs are approx. NOK 50 000 and include flight medical examination, fees for written exams, rental of multi-engine aircraft for final skill test etc. If you, for some reason, want to terminate the programme, you don’t pay for the next semester, nor do you have to pay any fee to terminate the programme.

The students receive uniforms, iPads with theory books, and flight bags with aviation equipment used in conjunction with the planning and completion of flying.

Students must cover travel insurance, visa costs, etc., but return flights to and from the USA and housing during the stay in the USA is covered by the school.

Students who exceed the weight limit of 90 kg and/or height limit of 188 cm for the Cessna 152, must cover the difference of approximately NOK 25 000 to be able to fly with the Cessna 172.
Other students will also be offered a voluntary upgrade to Cessna 172.


Pilot Flight Academy is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO), certified by EASA, which qualifies for national programmes of student aid. See list for national programmes.


In Sweden you can apply for student aid through CSN.


In Denmark you can apply for student aid through SU.


Student aid will cover part of the tuition, but mostly support living expenses during your studies. The studies are mainly to be privately financed.