Snarvei til hovedinnholdet


From January 2020 UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) will be a mandatory part of our pilot education.

We offer Advanced UPRT which constitutes a combination of theoretical knowledge and flying training with the aim of providing flight crew with the required competencies to both prevent and to recover from situations in which an aeroplane unintentionally exceeds the parameters for line operation or training (aeroplane upsets).

Due to these changes, and general inflation, the new cost of the pilot education will be NOK 970 000.

Sign up before 15th of December to get the old price

Everyone that signs up before 15th of December will get the old price of 930 000 NOK, regardless if you sign up for a class starting in February 2020, August 2020 or September 2020.

Everyone that signs up after 15th of December will have to pay the new price of 970 000 NOK.

Read more about admission and take the admission test here, and be sure to sign up before the price adjustment.