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FAQ admission requirements

Q: Can I become a pilot if I have migraine, adhd or dyslexia?

A: We advise you to contact your national flight medical authorities, to get an accurate answer.

Q: What is the age requirement to become a pilot?

A: The maximum age for starting your studies at Pilot Flight Academy is 33. If you are 34 you are unfortunately too old.

FAQ admission

Q: What are the requirements to become a pilot?

A: At Pilot Flight Academy you need to pass our admission test. You also have to meet our other requirements. More information about admission can be found here: 

Q: What scores must be achieved to pass the admission test?

A: Your total score and performance will be calculated and evaluated all together from the test.

FAQ cost

Q: How much does it cost to become a pilot at Pilot Flight Academy?

A: The total price for the pilot education is NOK 970 000,-.

Q: Are living costs included in the 970.000 NOK?

A: No, living costs will come in addition.

FAQ career

Q: Am I guaranteed a job after I graduate from Pilot Flight Academy?

A: You are never guaranteed a job after finishing any education. It will always depend on yourself and your effort during the studies. We do, however, see a growing demand for pilots, and the job market for newly educated pilots have never been looking better.