Snarvei til hovedinnholdet


Pilot Flight Academy is located in the immediate vicinity of Torp Sandefjord Airport in Norway. Our modern buildings are situated right by the runway of the international airport, which means you can see your dream future from the classroom windows every day.
Our fleet is new and our buildings are modern and spacious with large classrooms, briefing rooms and public areas. The classrooms and the common areas are available to the students both during and outside of school hours. This helps to create not only a good social environment, but also a good learning environment.

Pilot Flight Academy students have their own football team and a student group that organises different activities. Pilot Flight Academy has its own Starbucks on the go, in addition to a “Frigg Cantina” in the student lounge.


Our fleet of all new single-engine Diamond DA 40 NG and twin-engine DA 42-VI NG aircraft represents the most modern types of training aircraft on the market. They are used for both basic flight training and instrument flight rules (IFR) training.

In our top-notch Diamond simulators, students train on instrument flying and emergency situations. They are an exact replica of the DA 42-VI NG.

In the Boeing 737 simulator, students train on multi-crew cooperation in the cockpit of multi-pilot large jet aircraft.


Student housing is located one staircase away from the school. It has an amazing view over the airport and runway. There is a common room and shared kitchen, in addition to your own dorm, either with a shared or your own bathroom.

Campus 1 was opened in 2017 and Campus 2 was opened in 2020.
Campus 1 has 48 rooms, of which 10 rooms have their own bathroom. Campus 2 has 51 rooms, of which all rooms have their own bathroom.

The rooms contain:
• bed
• closet
• shelves
• duvet and pillow
• desk and chair

The price is NOK 5.700,- for a room with a shared bathroom, and NOK 6.950,- for a room with a private bathroom.

The rent includes:
• Heating and electricity
• Internet/Wi-Fi
• Cleaning of shared kitchen and toilets
• Cleaning of common areas
• Access to the following facilities:
⠀⠀⠀– Equipped kitchen
⠀⠀⠀– Laundry room with washing machine, dryer and ironing board
⠀⠀⠀– Common room with TV (TV without channels, but connected to Wi-Fi)
⠀⠀⠀– Common rooftop terrace with seating, barbeque and panoramic view of the airport

Sandefjord is located in Vestfold, which has lots of activities independent of the season. Cafes, restaurants and shopping is easily accessible in both Sandefjord and Tønsberg. If the outdoors, nature or sports is your thing, there are activities for everyone on foot, skies, bicycle or at sea.
Around 63.000 people live in Sandefjord, which means the city is in the top 10 of Norway’s biggest cities. Sandefjord is a typical “summer city” that really wakes up during the summer months. Read more about Sandefjord here.

Torp Sandefjord Airport

Torp Sandefjord Airport is an international airport in Sandefjord, Norway, featuring a 2,989 meter (9,806 ft) runway aligned 18/36.
Elevation: 286 ft.
Coordinates: 59° 11′ 12.116″ N, 10° 15′ 30.961″ E.
For more information, see the Torp Sandefjord Airport official website.

Denton Enterprise Airport

Denton Enterprise Airport is a national airport featuring a 2,134 meter (7,002 ft) runway aligned 18/36.
Elevation: 642 ft.
Coordinates: 33° 12′ 07.058″ N, 97° 11′ 56.751″ E.
For more information, see the Denton Enterprise Airport official website.