Snarvei til hovedinnholdet


Our school facilities are modern and spacious with large classrooms, briefing rooms and public areas. The classrooms and the common areas are available to the students both in and out of school hours. This helps create not only a good social environment but also a good learning environment.

Flight instructor teaching students in briefingroom

Campus Torp

In Sandefjord Pilot Flight Academy is located in the immediate vicinity of Sandefjord Airport Torp in new and modern facilities. The school buildings are placed beside the runway of the airport, which means you can see your dream from the classroom window every day when the different airlines take off and land.

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Campus Notodden

At Notodden Pilot Flight Academy is located close to the airport and Lake Heddal. Student housing is located just a few meters from the school. The student dorms are brand new, and all rooms have their own bathroom. In addition there is a common room and a kitchen that all students share. There are nice outdoor areas, including a pier with bathing opportunities at Campus Notodden.

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