Snarvei til hovedinnholdet


USA exchange program

PFA has partnered with a well-established flight academy in Denton, Texas called US Aviation Academy to provide the first phases of the flight program.
The big advantage of training in the USA is capacity and weather, allowing regular and continuous flight training which is important in the basic phase of flight training.
The operation in the USA will be under PFA’s ATO (Approvals), standard operating procedures and training standards.

Students will after completing ground school be given the option to choose to start their flight training in Norway or the USA.

Airline tickets to and from the USA and accommodation in Texas is included in the tuition.

Fully financed pilot program in Norway

Pilot Flight Academy are together with Nordea Finland providing a very beneficial 100 % student financing for citizens of Finland who start their pilot program at PFA in 2020.

There is no requirement to secure the loan in any property (real collateral). Nordea Finland will perform a regular credit check of the applicants.

Applicants who meet PFA admissions criteria’s and pass the admission test and Nordea’s regular credit check will be entitled to the 100 percent financing program.

PFA are also approved by Kela for student loans for boarding and lodging during the program.

How to apply

1. You must meet our admission criteria and pass our online admission test:

2. Applicants that pass the admission test will be entitled to apply for the PFA Financing Program and will be forwarded from PFA to Nordea. The application process with Nordea is stipulated to two weeks.
It is not possible to contact Nordea directly regarding this financing program. 

3. Students who have passed the admissions tests and are accepted for the PFA financing program can apply to start at PFA in 2020.

4. After acceptance the applicants must perform the Aeromedical check in Norway.


Details about the financing program can be sent to you by entering your email address here and clicking submit:

We have both Finnish students and Flight Instructors at Pilot Flight Academy.

Meet Eero Tarhio, one of our Finnish students.

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