The international pilot education at Pilot Flight Academy is a 2-year full-time education with parallel theoretical studies and flying.

The entire program is conducted in English at our modern school at Oslo Airport Sandefjord. After graduation, you will be qualified for a job as a pilot with the airlines. The theory lessons are conducted in modern classrooms with new SmartBoards. The aircraft are new and highly modern with advanced instrumentation. We have state-of-the-art flight simulators, one of which is a Boeing 737NG simulator. The school is open for our students 24/7, and the students use the school both on weekdays and weekends. We have a lively and active student environment. Our briefing room is a meeting place for students and instructors, and is also the “headquarters” for planning domestic and foreign flights and for exchanging experience and knowledge.
At Pilot Flight Academy, training is split into two: Alternating weeks of theory and flying. Flight training for the students begins early in the program, and the students have usually acquired enough knowledge to be able to fly their first solo flight already towards the end of semester one! An international flight training program at Pilot Flight Academy consists of 915 hours of high-quality classroom instruction on ATPL(A) level, the most advanced certificate for airline pilots. Alongside the theory instruction, students will learn basic visual and instrument flying at first, and later progress to advanced instrument flying in the school’s twin-engined aeroplanes. Towards the end of the course students will go through simulator training where they learn the demanding task of crew cooperation during stressful situations.

Spring semester starts in January fall semester starts in August.

In our two-year integrated pilot program, we turn new cadets into airline ready pilots in top modern facilities, aircraft and simulators by challenging them on effort and attitude from the very first day.
Pilot Flight Academy has developed a competency based pilot education that includes flight training in MCC-course (Multi Crew Cooperation course) and JOC (Jet Orientation Course) in our advanced Boeing 737NG simulator. Trained by airline pilots, our students develop the professional pilot skills required by the airlines.
Students graduating from Pilot Flight Academy are holders of an international EASA CPL(A) IR ME pilot license with Frozen ATPL(A). This EASA license is highly recognized and accepted by all countries as the top tier international pilot license.
Our graduate students are eligible to start working as first officers for any airline, to fly to all countries and continents in the world, and to become airline captains.