Admission requirements for the pilot studies at Pilot Flight Academy:

– Be between 18 and 33 years old
– Pass the Aeromedical Examination Class 1
– Have a height between 155 and 200 cm.
– Pass admission tests
To apply for pilot studies at Pilot Flight Academy these criterias must be met and admission tests need to be taken and approved. The international candidates must also hold a valid study visa for studying in Norway, or be able to provide this. More information for international students can be found at Pilot Flight Academy would also like to inform that employment within the aviation sector will depend on a clean police record. For questions, please contact your national Civil Aviation Authority.
Admission tests at Pilot Flight Academy are online based. Our admission tests are part of the ADAPT Online system. Our candidates are required to complete a combination of the following tests:
– Maths
– Physics
– Multi-tasking and Learning (FAST)
– Personality Questionnaire
It takes about three hours to conduct the admission test, and the candidate can pause between the different sessions.

If you would like to start your preparations already now, take a look at our Candidate Handbook here.
To access the admission tests, contact us at, and attach a copy of your passport, to receive payment information for admission test, which is charged with an administration fee of NOK 500. This charge is non-refundable.
Once your payment has been registered in our systems, we will send you your login information. This will be valid for one month, and you may take the entry exam at your convenience within this period.
Access to the admission tests will be granted when entering your license code at:
When having completed the admission tests, we will contact you with the results, and if passed, you will be given the opportunity to apply for pilot studies starting in either fall or spring. Your admission test results are valid for one year, both as passed and failed.

Pilot Flight Academy handles and protects personal information in accordance with Norway’s Privacy Act and current guidelines issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.
After having completed the admission tests, you will be contacted by us, informing you of the results. If you have passed your admission tests, you will receive application documents, for applying for your pilot studies.
If your admission tests are not approved, we will inform you about this as well.
When passing the admission tests, and receiving the application form, you will have 14 days to secure your pilot studies and apply for a seat at either the January or August study start. You must fill in the application form, accept the terms and conditions of the school, and then proceed with payment, as informed in the application documents. Your application will be validated and your pilot studies secured, when payment of the enrollment fee, NOK 30 000,- is registered. You will be contacted by Pilot Flight Academy, and we will proceed with preparations for your coming study start at our school.
We urge our applicants to contact the Aeromedical Center in Oslo, Norway, to make an appointment for taking the Aeromedical Class 1 certificate in time of their study start. Please note that applicants, who are not granted an Aeromedical Class 1 medical certificate, will receive a refund of all payments made to the school regarding this application. It should be noted that the issuing of an Aeromedical Class 1 medical certificate can only be done by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (N-CAA) at “Luftfartstilsynets Flymedisinske seksjon” in Oslo. Please contact the academy for further assistance and booking of appointment. You can also book an appointment directly on, but in the Norwegian language.
Please note that applicants, who are denied an Aeromedical Class 1 by the N-CAA, will receive a full refund of the enrollment fee of NOK 30 000,-.